Tofu Pirate

Photo from Panda with Cookie Website.

Photo from Panda with Cookie Website.

It's confession time. I admit I had been stalking (uh I mean following) Panda with Cookie for years online. She makes the cutest vegan friendly stuffed toys, Christmas ornaments and kids clothes. I've always wanted a Tofu Pirate in my house but felt a little weird getting one when I didn't have a kid.

Flash forward to September 2015 and the Vegan Beer & Food Festival in Portland. I discovered that Panda with Cookie would be there IN PERSON. OMG fan girl moment. I was determined that Logan would have his very own Tofu Pirate. After finding our VIP spot and dropping our stuff I made a beeline for Panda's booth and there it was... the Tofu Pirate!  It was love at first sight. He's fluffy, and squishy and everything a vegan girl (I mean kid...yeah that's it) could dream of. He's also very interactive. We played several games of Cards Against Humanity with him and he even won a round. Smart Tofu...

After my whirlwind weekend with Tofu Pirate I brought him home and surrendered him to his true guardian, my son. He took one look at him and went "AWWW TOFU CUTE" and gave him a big hug. Like mother like son. Tofu Pirate is now a beloved member of Logan's stuff toy posse and he enjoys many days of sitting on the couch watching Paw Patrol or attending tea parties.

If you don't already have a Tofu Pirate I highly recommend you get one because it's just freakin' cool to have a stuffed toy tofu block. 


Kids Play Cafe - Surrey BC

The Kids Play Cafe located #8 - 14885 60th Street in Surrey is one of my all time favorite hang out spots with Logan. It's a place I can go to decompress, to watch Logan have an awesome time while I get to sip on a cup of tea and flip through a magazine. It's lazy parenting at it's finest.

It's also been a great place for my husband Mike to take him on their days out together. Mike is more of a hands on play parent then I am. He enjoys pushing Logan around in the cars and playing with him on the play structure. If we go as a family I use this time to meal plan while they go and play.

Another appealing characteristic is that they play regular people music. No kids music which is a welcome relief from all the Disney stuff they play at Motoring Munchkins. They also have a baby gate which prevents little ones from running out the front door. Any parents with a runner will fully appreciate that.

I have yet to have a meal there but they do have snacks that my little vegan toddler can chew on while he plays. I mostly get the fig bars (so good!) and a cup of water for Logan. We stay for 1.5 to 2 hours so it's a great value for the $6 entry fee. Sometimes it cost less to enter, I think it depends on the day/time.

Overall this is a fabulous space that is very relaxed and fun for the kids. I haven't been able to get there as often as we did in the summer. I gave up the car for the winter and it's pretty much impossible to get there on transit (bummer). I look forward to going more often when we have wheels to get us there!